Name Ole Theodor Mortensen Profession leader department of invertebrates Zoological Museum
Born on 22 February 1868   University of Copenhagen, Denmark (1917-1933)
Place Hillerød, Denmark    
Died on 03 April 1952


Mortensen, Danish professor and echinoderm specialist at the Zoological Museum provided an enormous marine collection to the museum. He collected many species on his expeditions e.g.:

1899-1900 The Siam Expedition (Gulf of Siam)

1905-1906 Expedition to the Danish West Indies

1911 The Bergen-Trondhjem Expedition

1913-1916 New Zealand, Mauritius, Hawaii, California, Panama on the government ships Hinemoa and Amokura.

1929-1930 Java, Mauritius, South Africa, St. Helena, Canary Islands

Author of "A Monograph of the echinoidea" and "Report on the echinoidea collected by the United States fisheries steamer "Albatross" during the Philippine expedition, 1907-1910".

There is a story that Mortensen should travel on the F.I.S. Endeavour from Australia to Macquire in 1914, but luckily for him he was committed elsewhere because this ship sank without trace near Macquire.

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