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Sea urchin : any echinoderm of the class Echinoidea, having a somewhat globular or discoid form, and a shell composed of many calcareous plates covered with projecting spines.(Dictionary.com)
Sea urchin : Any of various echinoderms of the class Echinoidea, having a soft body enclosed in a round, symmetrical, calcareous shell covered with long spines.(American Heritage)
Sand dollar : The name "sand dollar" is a reference to their round flat shape, which is similar to a large coin. Sand dollars usually eat tiny particles of food that float in the water. They hide by burying themselves under the sand. (Wikipedia)

My collection : I am a collector of recent echinoids, living in the Netherlands. On this site you can find more then 300 different species of sea urchins and sand dollars. If you are interested in trading species or want to share some information,  please contact me at : Bas@echinoids.nl
New Book: Sea urchins II, worldwide irregular deep water species by Heinke Schultz. About 350 pages with many "wannahave" urchins. Available at her website www.sea-urchins.com
Wanted dead or alive : Sea urchins from west -/ South Africa, Antarctic waters, Japan, New Zealand and Micronesia. Please email your offer: bas@echinoids.nl